Thursday, August 27, 2009

and your Mom said the crinkled look was bad..... HA

In a recent trip to Chicago for a trade show I wanted to see what Chicago had that Kansas City didn't. The Kansas City market should be very pleased to hear that for the most part their isn't much you can get in Chicago that Celebration Party Rentals does not offer for it's customers here. There were some cool decor items that were at the show, one being a patio heater cover. It made the patio heater huge because it was a cover that snapped around the unit. While a great idea, I thought it was a little overkill, and after you added the cost of the heater cover you are looking at around $400 per patio heater. Chocolate bon bons, martini drinks, but nothing that I haven't seen here in KC.

There was however one item that caught my eye. Crinkled table linens. Yes, wrinkled linens on table tops, and they were everywhere, and I know you may think I've lost it here but they looked awesome. From our standpoint, I am thinking oh how awesome would this be. Up keep would not be as much since we would only have to wash and dry and then hang up. We could keep the presser stage out of the equation eliminating a lot of time and expense. In talking to the event planners and caterers there what they thought about these linens they expressed as much joy as I did but for different reasons. Most said they love the way light would reflect off the linen giving it an unique look. They liked that there were no press seams, and that they could easily put this on the table and not have to worry about hiding a press line. They also remarked how easy they are to up keep, and that they don't have to worry about special handling.

Look for these linens at your next event. Celebration Party Rentals is able to bring these linens in now, and this will be the next line of luxury linens we will be bringing to the Kansas City market.

So the next time you hear the crinkled look is not in, you know better.

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